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Join our team! Many terrific career opportunities are available with Indiana Memorial Group (IMG), with different openings in Sales, Operations, and Administration at our different locations in Indiana at any given time.



Dear Sales Professional,

The more you believe in what you are selling, the more of it you will sell. That’s why a sales career with Indiana Memorial Group is such a great opportunity. At first, it seems pretty strange to think about selling funeral and cemetery products and services. After a while, you realize that we are not really selling “stuff,” we are sharing our story that arranging for funeral and burial space in advance of need makes a lot of sense.

By making arrangements in advance, families freeze the cost of their funeral forever. They do not leave the burden of making and paying for these arrangements to their children or family. Families save money because we provide discounts for families that plan in advance. They also can make easy monthly payments instead of having to pay cash when they are making funeral arrangements at the time of need.

Finally and most importantly, families who plan in advance can do so without the emotional turmoil of making emergency funeral arrangements. They buy only what they decide they need, together without the pressure of at-need arrangements. In fact, our experience is that when families get the chance to decide what they want together, in advance, they often spend much less than they do during an emergency when everything has to be done in a hurry and no one really knows what the person really would have wanted.

For generations, the management of Indiana Memorial Group has dedicated itself to one simple idea—provide peace of mind by helping people to make final arrangements in advance. In the process, we have helped tens of thousands of families eliminate both the unnecessary emotional and financial burden of at-need arrangements.

A career opportunity with Indiana Memorial Group is something you can really believe in and that belief could make you more successful than you ever dreamed possible.


David J. Shipper – Owner, Indiana Memorial Group

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We may have opportunities for full time or part time work in our Administrative Department at some of our locations, as well as internships for interested and qualified students.


We have occasional openings in our operations department for groundskeepers, mechanics, or laborers at some of our locations. While we have an excellent group of operations teams throughout the state, there are some openings that may be available, especially during the grass growing season.

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To learn what positions may be available in Administration, Operations or the Funeral Home, call us at (765) 664-1652 or contact us by clicking here.



In addition to the comprehensive compensation package and professional support you’ll get as a Gardens of Memory counselor, you will receive additional benefits that include:

  • Health Insurance with Prescriptions
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401K
  • Up To Two Weeks Paid Vacation
  • No Monetary Investment
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Outstanding Work Environment