To Insurance Professionals

Dear Sales Professional,

In Grant County, dozens of insurance offices with hundreds of agents are competing for a limited pool of Life clients. For the privilege of working for one of these companies, you get lousy leads, basic commissions paid over a long period, and not a whole lot of appreciation. We sell something that everyone must have at one point or another and many long-time industry veterans think it’s THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN INSURANCE.

We agree and despite the upfront commissions, great benefits, beautiful facilities, and a third generation owner who really appreciates sales and salespeople, we have openings for licensed professional Grant County residents who want a true professional sales career. If you are qualified, you can look forward to an endless supply of quality leads, paid training, generous commissions and bonuses, exciting contests, professional in house marketing, advertising, and sales materials with one of the most respected national names in our industry. We also have terrific benefits including health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations and a generous 401k retirement plan

NOT EVERYONE WILL MEET OUR STANDARDS. Our standards for sales professionals are high. Candidates must be professionals at selling and self-management. They must be career-oriented, highly motivated and a team player. Only if you feel you meet these standards should you look into this substantial career opportunity. But if you do, it might just well be the last time you ever have to look for a job again!

To give you a bit of insight into the opportunity, we have one of the finest groups of funeral homes and cemeteries anywhere. Located solely in Indiana, Indiana Memorial Group (IMG) operates twelve cemeteries and four funeral homes serving over 3,000 families a year. Our funeral insurance products are something that every family truly needs. In addition, you have the opportunity to sell cemetery products and services. Everyone will need our products at some point and national surveys all agree that almost everyone thinks that planning ahead for their final arrangements is a good idea and is something they ought to do. Not only that, in recent years the first of the huge baby boomer generation turned 60 years old, and baby boomers are smart planners. For the next 10 or 15 years, the largest single demographic group in our history will want to pre-plan their final arrangements.

Our Grant County location, Gardens of Memory , is one of the finest facilities anywhere.

Give us a call at (317) 784-4494 and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to join our growing team.

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